September 29, 2022


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4 Signs That You Have Selected the Wrong Color


4 Signs That You Have Selected the Wrong Color

These 4 signs are good reasons to change -literally- color. At least, through painting your space.

Choosing the right and suitable for each color space is an admittedly difficult decision while the infinite painting shades that you are faced with when browsing the color charts can cause you stress. However, after mature thought, you managed to come up with the color that you think will be perfect for your space. But what happens when the wall receives the first coat of paint and you already feel that something is wrong despite the fact that your sofa or cabinets seem to initially match the color of your choice? Below you will find 4 signs which are good reasons to change -literally- color.

You feel uncomfortable with your appearance

And yet the color of each room changes the appearance of the people who enter it. The usual suspects for such exterior changes are green and gray – especially when these colors are found in your bathroom or in rooms with mirrors. If, however, you insist on green, prefer its warmer shades and combine it with furniture and decorative items in neutral colors. In addition, when it comes to bathroom color, it is best to avoid very bright colors: in their place, vote for pink, peach and light blue. Accordingly, be sure to show due care and thought when choosing a color for your dining room. For its walls, say “yes” to the warm colors that make the skin look softer and more radiant.

Do you think that the space is dimly lit?

In addition, the color with which you paint your space not only affects the way you are called to light it, but, if it is darker than it should be, it makes it look significantly smaller. So, if the problem persists despite the fact that you have made changes in the lighting of the room (e.g you use whiter and stronger lamps), then it is time to paint at least one of its walls in a lighter shade. color you have already selected.

Peach painting color makes your spaces warmer and, at the same time, brightens your skin.

You find the color dazzling

At first, you did not realize that the color was left vivid. However, as time goes on you find yourself dimming the lights, closing the curtains and avoiding entering the room before nightfall. The result; You feel the need to repaint the room. If, however, you want the color of your space to remain intense, try the following trick to avoid the same mistake: buy a small plasterboard and paint its surface with the new color you have chosen. Try to place the plasterboard on all the walls of the room at different times of the day to see the effect it creates. If you notice that the new color you have chosen remains vivid, try changing the lighting of the space in New Jersey before making your final choice.

The cabinets and the floor of the room have a gray look. It may seem strange to you, but the color of your walls affects their appearance! In fact, the more open their surface, the greater the chances that the reflection they create will not have the desired tone. Specifically, the wrong color can give your all-white cabinets a green or gray shade, making them look dirty or out of place with the rest of the space. The same, in fact, applies in case the floor of your space is covered with light wood or stone. If you do not want to re-enter the painting process, small changes in lighting will help you improve the look of your space.

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