June 30, 2022


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What colors are “in” for the 2020 women’s bags?

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What colors are “in” for the 2020 women’s bags?

If you are a fashionable woman who likes to follow the trends of the season when it comes to bagsτσάντες γυναικείες– then you are at the right place. We have prepared a guide including the main color combinations that we are going to see in 2020. Those of you who would like to be stylish and in the trends of 2020, you should keep reading our article to find out more about the colors of this year.

Bags of summer and fall are a whole different level! You need to have separate bags for this period as your needs are different due to the hotter weather and the bright sun. Of course it depends on the region that you live in.


Put color in your life

Especially during summer time you need to add a colorful note in your outfits! It is crucial that you are not dressed in dark colors as they attract the sunlight and make you feel hot sooner than light-colored clothes. If you insist on wearing black clothes during summer and fall then a bright colored bag would be the perfect accessory for your looks.

Of course, you could go with a classic color such as white, beige or black so that you will not be out of your comfort zone. However, a bright colored bag or a hand bag with prints -τσάντες χειρός- would immediately change your mood in a hot summer day!


Red is such a happy color! Even though it is very bright, red has many shades and we can say that it is a classic color in bags and generally clothes! You can choose a red bag so that you will catch all the eyes on you when you go out.

Red is quite difficult to pair with your clothes but we are sure you will find a way to create amazing looks! You can wear a red bag with jeans or a black, yellow, white outfit and of course we should not forget the color blocking option of fuchsia and red!


What a better option for a summer and fall bag rather than a white one, right? White is a very underrated color when it comes to bags. Many women think that it will be very restricting to buy a white bag because of the structure and materials. We advise you to pick a leather or plastic white bag so that it will be more sturdy and

If you are afraid that your white bag will easily get dirty during summer you do not need to worry anymore. When you choose a sturdy bag from a good material it will not get stained with food or drinks.


We know that we were talking about colors but we can not forget the classic black bags. It is a timeless piece that will be able to stand by you during every season, from summer to winter. The material of the bag plays a major role too.

You could choose a straw bag or a canvas material bag that will be more suitable for summer, and a leather one that will stand better in winter and fall. The choice is up to you!


A yellow bag sounds scary to most of you but we promise that if you are going to choose the right shade you will never want to get rid of this bag! There are quite many shades of yellow that are bright and bold and you should choose one for the summer and fall of 2020. If you are afraid that it is a big step for you, try picking a small yellow bag without many details.

This way you will get used to the bright colors easily. You can also choose a dark colored bag with yellow details and gradually get used to the bright yellow color!


Let’s face it; bright pink, fuchsia and magenta are some of the most impressive and girly colors in the color palette. But they can be quite difficult to wear. Not anymore! They are in the trends of the 2020 fashion magazines and we dare you to get a bright fuchsia bag!

As we mentioned before, you can start with a smaller bag or a bag with magenta details and work your way up to a fully colored fuchsia bag! Another great tip is to start with a bright colored wallet so that you will get used to the pinkish color easier as you take your wallet out of your bag every day.


The beige color is one of the most classic colors for a woman’s bag. It might sound conservative and it might fit better to older women, but it is an all time classic piece that every woman should own. In fact, beige bags can be worn by younger girls too if they pick the right shade and shape.

A beige backpack for example, is a great choice for a teen girl or a young adult as it offers a chic style to any outfit. A large beige tote bag can also look amazing when worn by women of any age.

Material of the bags

Despite the choice of the color for your bags in 2020, you should also bear in mind their material. What do we mean by that? If you need to buy a bag that you will be able to take with you everywhere during the whole year, you should choose a sturdy bag made of leather. These kinds of bags will last you longer and can be worn all day.

If you need a bag only for the summer time, it is better to choose a bag from a lighter material such as cotton, canvas or even a straw bag! Think twice before buying a bag in a color that is out of your comfort zone as you could regret it later on.

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