June 30, 2022


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Why my toilet is clogged?


Leave the chemical cleaners, which are harmful to the environment, your health and your piping, and contact Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου. Many people consider the toilet bowl to be something like a magic junk. We throw everything in, pull the flush and the garbage disappears from the face of the earth and then we wonder why my toilet is clogged.

It is a big mistake. Garbage is disappearing, but only from our eyes and not from the earth. Τhe drainage of the sewer, the drainage of the drain and the basin, the blockage of the sink and the sink, the blockage of the shaft and vertical drains can be a huge inconvenience for a household.

Toilet bowl plugging can come from a variety of reasons, which we will look at below, but it is still something that will happen in most homes and apartments. It will be good to know that we unplug it ourselves so as to avoid the costs for plumbing but also the uncomfortable situation we are in when we do not have access to our toilet.


Why does the basin drain become clogged?

When the sewer is not properly maintained or regular sewer maintenance is not done, or even when the occupants are not careful, throwing objects such as papers then you will soon need our team that will serve you quickly, promptly and professionally and will deal with all cases of obstruction with the most modern machines.

The blockages and the dismantling of the sewers indoors or outdoors, are accompanied by the disinfection of the sewerage network. Always with the best value for money, quality and respect in your space.

In addition, the use of the basin and the malfunction of the sewer system, leads to its overflow. Unpleasant odors are present and you do not know when and if you will get rid of them. The only sure thing is that with a phone you have the solution in your pocket. With a call the clogged basin or bathtub will be a thing of the past and everything will look like a nightmare. Our equipment has all the specifications for a permanent solution to the problem which will be at the same time extremely economical.


1. Throwing objects in the toilet bowl

As mentioned above there are several causes that lead to clogged toilets which can vary whether you live in an apartment building or in a detached house. For example, items such as lower quality toilet paper, sanitary napkins, used diapers and baby wipes cannot be broken down by water. This causes them to accumulate inside the pipes until they become clogged.

What we need to mention is that it usually takes more than one object to clog the toilet and the reason that more than one object falls has to do with the fact that we have come to the wrong conclusion having once thrown something that is not water-soluble. To put it simply, the basin is not going to get clogged by throwing in a baby wipe. A baby wipe may appear to be gone after we pull out the cistern but it is probably left in one of the corners of the pipes leading to the drain. So believing that baby wipes are properly absorbed, the user continues to throw similar objects into the basin until they completely block a point in the piping.


2. Throw toilet paper in the toilet bowl

Many times we throw papers in the toilet bowl thinking that they will dissolve. But the truth is that they do not dissolve, even the biodegradable ones are slow to disappear. So all the occupants of the apartment building must be careful, because otherwise very soon there will be problems. Problems that only professional plumbers or obstruction specialists can deal with. You must throw toilet paper in the litter box and clean it thoroughly.


3. Clogged toilet drains

If water from the toilet does not drain, you may have a complete or partial blockage in the drain. Often, the special suction cup can correct the problem, but it can not completely remove a blockage. So, it is better to seek help from a professional plumber to make a blockage, to avoid greater damage.


Important parameters that affect the smooth operation of the sewer system of a detached house or an apartment building are its construction specifications and the condition in which it is located. It makes sense for these two to influence each other and to be combined with the proper and regular maintenance of the water supply and sewerage system. The quality of construction in this part affects the durability of the system over time and of course its maintenance reduces unpredictable and expensive damage to the system. If you want to maintain the smooth operation of your toilet, call Αποφράξεις Αθήνα.

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