June 30, 2022


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Xiaomi Redmi 9: value for money?

θήκες Xiaomi Redmi 9

The Note 9 series has now arrived almost in its entirety and officially, since shortly after the impressive Note 9S, it was time for the θήκες Xiaomi Redmi 9. Info-quest, which is the official importer of the company’s products in our country, was kind enough to give it to us for the needs of its testing.

The Note 9 comes with specific changes in order to reduce its cost, but changes that are carefully selected, in order not to alter the character that Xiaomi has managed to give to the entire series. In this particular review we will see what these changes are, as well as whether they can cover with the same comfort the daily requirements that one now has from a modern smartphone.

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Design

For the exterior design of the Note 9, the company has made very specific choices in order to maintain the same design philosophy. The most basic of these is the choice of plastic for the construction of the Smartphone, instead of the glass surface of the two most expensive devices in the series.

This plastic is a “one-piece” frame that covers the back and the side of the Note 9. An interesting detail here, is that in this way, the side is the same color as the back, something that personal level we consider it more “beautiful”.

On this back, in addition to the four different cameras, the Note 9 also has the fingerprint sensor, in a position that is probably more convenient compared to the one on the power button on the side of the smartphone. Once again, the company has chosen a sensor with a very good response, but the most important thing is its reliability, since it can almost always recognize the fingerprint on the first try.

The front of the Note 9 is almost completely covered by its screen, a screen that is slightly smaller at 6.53 inches. As a result, the Smartphone itself is slightly smaller in overall dimensions than the two most expensive devices in the series, while its lower weight is also positive.

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Screen

As already mentioned, the screen of the Note 9 differs from that of the Note 9S and Note 9 Pro. Its size is smaller at 6.53 inches and its resolution is 2340 × 1080 pixels. The small difference compared to the screen of the other two devices, is due to the different aspect ratio that is here at 19: 9. The screen of the Note 9 is a bit “wider” and less tall, with the difference being noticeable only if one compares it directly with one of the other two models in the series.

But what makes an immediate and positive impression is the color rendering of this screen. It has more “warm” and pleasant colors, which are at the same time a little more intense.

Viewing angles are close to the maximum that an LCD Monitor can achieve, something that is not always taken for granted in this price range. In fact, even the maximum intensity of its lighting is a little higher, with the result that especially in the automatic adjustment it offers comfortable reading even outdoors. The owner of the Note 9 can choose to change its color rendering, in order to make it even more vivid and intense or choose a color profile that is perhaps more realistic but also more “hazy”. In any case, the option is always welcome.

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Cameras

On the back of the Note 9 there are four cameras in total, with changes to three of them, but changes that keep their performance at the level it should be. The basic one still has 48MP resolution as in the Note 9S, with a slight difference in performance due to the different Hardware inside.

This camera also has an aperture of f / 1.8 which makes it particularly “bright” even in more difficult lighting conditions. During the day, the Note 9 continues the very good tradition of the company in taking photos with very good levels of detail, but most importantly with realistic colors.

In stark contrast to one of Xiaomi’s key competitors, the Note 9 is not just about taking stunning color photos that are less realistic. The dynamic range is slightly reduced compared to the Note 9S, a difference that as already mentioned is due to the different Hardware inside, which processes the data in a different way.

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Memory

The Note 9 differs from the two most expensive devices, in terms of performance as expected but also in the company that manufactures its processor. This is Mediatek’s Helio G85, and Xiaomi is the company that about a year ago proved with the Note 8 pro that the newest Mediatek processors have absolutely no problem with their performance.

More specifically, the Helio G85 has a total of 8 processing cores inside. Six of them are the well-known ARM A-55s, designed for lower energy consumption and correspondingly lower efficiency in simple daily tasks. Their frequency reaches 1.8 GHz and because they are a total of… six, they offer satisfactory performance in practice.

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Battery

The Note 9 has inside exactly the same battery as the two most expensive models in the same series. Its capacity at 5,020 mAh is slightly higher than usual, and we have already seen that it can offer impressive waiting and operating times.

In the Note 9, due to the limited performance mainly, its performance is even better, and the Smartphone can with characteristic comfort offer two days of particularly intense use. This means that with continuous social media use, photos and calls / messages, the Smartphone will run out of battery at the end of the second day.

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Conclusion

It is obvious that xiaomi does not want to make the owner of the Note 9 feel that he has chosen an “inferior” device. In order to achieve this, it has made the right choices to keep its costs lower but without making significant concessions to its overall performance.

The camera of the smartphone is satisfactory in any case, and even the one with the Macro lens, despite having a lower resolution, has maintained the Auto focus, something that shows in the best way the importance that the company pays to detail.

With the performance being satisfactory for the class, and the battery impressing with its performance, the Note 9 does not even need its very good screen in order to be a complete smartphone. With this screen completing the package, it is ultimately perhaps the best choice in the price category it belongs to.

Θήκες Xiaomi Redmi 9

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